How to choose a Hydraulic Wrench

How to choose a Hydraulic Wrench

Hydraulic Wrench is a wrench for tightening screws in a precise closing torque 5% give or take.
Before using a hydraulic wrench it is recommended to adjust the key; decide about the desirable tightening torque, approaching possibility, option to anchor the wrench.
How does it work – The wrench is connected with hydraulic piping to a power unit which generates oil pressure up to 10,000 PSI. This pressure is transferred to the wrench by the hydraulic pipes. On every wrench there is a table that converts the oil pressure to the torque while tightening the screw; For example, Hydraulic Wrench TU3 by TorcUP is suited for tightening/loosing from 440NM to 4500NM. The table on the wrench guides the user for what pressure should be regulate so we will get the wanted torque.

For example – on 2900 PSI the wrench will tight up to 1300NM.
Another important element is the approaching possibility; The wrench comes in two versions, the TU model with square head, or the TX model with the ratchet head.



Be sure to keep all the hydraulic piping, and the oil connectors are fast connecter, safe, easy and comfortable to use.

Accessories and support for the wrenches.

Tightening Torque – The tightening torque which is recommended by the manufacturer.
Torque Converter – The tightening units can come in several ways – NM/ILFT/KFM..
You can download a measurements converter from our website.